Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Further thoughts...

Having reviewed some of the suggested training schedules and advice offered from various sources on the Internet, the verdict on what went wrong with me not finishing my 20-mile run this morning seems to be...
  • Don't do 3 runs of over 10 miles at near your intended marathon pace within 8 days.

  • A training run that is both very long and near marathon pace isn't something you should do. Save it for race day.
I think that with only 4 or 5 weeks to go until I'm meant to ease off, I was trying to fit too much training into that time. The 12 and 15 mile runs last week were confidence boosting because they showed me I can run those distances at around the pace I aim to do the marathon at; I ought to have left it there instead of trying to push that same pace up to 20 miles - because failing to do so ruins the confidence boosting effect! The general guidance seems to be that runs of 12 miles or more should only be attempted once a fortnight and you should spend the rest of the time working on other things. My problem is that as this is my first marathon I don't have the confidence to trust the advice knowing that I won't be under-trained when the big day comes... but today I'm learning why I ought to!

Lovely Liz (the wifey) has bought be some new running shoes, having done about 300 miles in the existing pair, so I'll try those out on the next run.

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