Monday, 22 October 2007

Not going very well...

I attempted a 4-mile run last Thursday, after a 1 mile and a 2 mile run in previous days. It was too far; after 3 miles the shin splint could be felt with every stride, and so I decided to stop and walk home rather than make it any worse.

There are seven days to go; I think it may be best just to not run at all in that time, except maybe for a little jog on Saturday to loosen up for Monday.

I didn't really do any cycling either last week - only 5 miles; it was a really busy week. 6 miles run, and 5 miles cycled... and it looks like those 6 miles will be all I do in the last three weeks. Ho hum. I have no idea what effect this will have. I'm fairly sure that the shin is going to start hurting once I start running the marathon; it's just a question of how much it hurts and how much speed these three weeks and that hurt will cost me. I suppose I should just aim to finish now and forget about the 3:30 goal.

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