Tuesday, 28 August 2007

12.1 miles at a reasonable (for me) pace

Today I set out for 12.1 miles. It's satisfying to look back to 6 and a half weeks ago when I did this for the first time - then it was not long after coming back after gastoenteritis and it was my first attempt at such a distance for a decade (and then it was only once!); I staggered through the last couple of miles and truly felt dead-beat afterwards.

Several weeks of training later, though, I can consider this distance as just a medium challenge and not something to get too worked up about. The course is two laps of my 5 mile route (with 3 climbs) and then 2.1 miles (flat) to the next village and back.

Last time I did it (4 weeks ago) I took about 41 minutes for each of the first 2 laps, then 17 minutes to finish off. Today I was aiming to take a minute off each of those 3 stages.

The outcome was 40:28 after 5 miles and 79:58 after 10; followed by another 16:12 to finish it off; average 7:57 per mile in all. A few muscles felt like something was up in the last couple of miles and I had to hop a few paces, so I didn't push it for a swifter finish. I want to train again this week! Hence a total time of 96:12 which was 2:36 quicker than last time, so progress has been made. My left knee felt like pretty sore most of the way round; it'd probably be wise to rest it tomorrow.

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